We are lucky to have a great set of diverse & highly skilled teachers at Bind, with each one handpicked to ensure a wide variety of approaches to the practise.  Our teachers are passionate about yoga and deliver classes with care, knowledge & their own unique personality.

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BEccy Watkinson

Beccy came to yoga to find a space to simply be, away from the pressures of daily life & its expectations.

Certified as an “Outstanding”  Vinyasa Flow teacher with the renowned Claire Missingham & following in the Krishnamacharya lineage her classes seek to apply the philosophy of yoga in accessible and relatable ways.  Extra qualifications in Yin and Mandala styles add further layers of knowledge and inspiration.

Beccy’s classes are strong, playful and based on empowering messages within traditional philosophy.  As a dedicated student of yoga she is a continual work in progress and this awareness & acceptance of self is always a key factor in her teachings.

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vanessa joy

Vanessa’s classes look to balance dynamic strength building and the search for space and openness in the body, coupled with a steady mindset. Revisit traditional asana (postures) with a fresh insight and flowing creative sequence. Each class begins and ends with stillness, cultivating a mindfulness and compassion to all that is encountered in-between.

Trained in Hatha's traditional lineage and incorporating the dynamicism of Vinyasa and Ashtanga roots for a strong and steady practice. Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra certifications enrich classes energetically, not just physically. 


david curtis

David originally came to Yoga as a meditator, seeking relief from his hectic London life, this soon led to Asana and he never turned back. Finding a love for dynamic practice David soon saw the benefits of weight loss, increased flexibility, more strength, and a beautiful deepening of his meditation practice. All this led to David abandoning his London life and travelling to India to deepen his practice and become a teacher.

Now a 500-hour registered teacher he is trained in Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, and Yin yoga. David offers a breath-focused, dynamic class incorporating longer holds and mixing traditional style with creative flow, to give a fully rounded complete experience enabling students to find expansion physically and internally.

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Noemi Franco

Noemi has been a devoted practitioner of yoga since her first trip to India in 2004. Her teaching is inspired by traditional Hatha Yoga and Krishnamacharya’s lineage of Ashtanga, Vinyasa Krama and Viniyoga, which she combines with the modern innovations of Vinyasa Flow.

Noemi holds a 500-hour teaching qualification from the British Wheel of Yoga, 300 - hour ‘Prana Vinyasa Flow’ (Shiva Rea) and continues to study Yoga therapy and philosophy with Ranju Roy at Sadhana Mala.

In accordance with Hatha Yoga philosophy, she integrates the dynamic ''Solar' practice of Vinyasa with gentler 'Lunar' restorative practices, depending on the rhythms of nature and the flow of the class. She places great emphasis on the breath as the primary support for the movement and the alignment.


Maria Fortunata

Maria is a highly qualified Yin and Restorative teacher who works with movement, breath and sound vibrations to release emotional and physical blockages, helping us to live happier and healthier lives. In her own life she uses chanting, writing and yoga to reconnect at a soul level.

Her teaching style is genuine, traditional and spiritual.

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Elle Daniel

Elle has been a yoga student almost half her life, discovering Ashtanga yoga at the age of 14. Her own personal yoga journey has taught her healing and connection, something she wanted to share with others, and so qualified as a yoga teacher in 2016.

Elle's approach is both fun and dedicated, encouraging every practitioner to cultivate their own deep understanding of yoga, believing that each and every one of her students should be able to develop a home practice. Elle's Mandala Vinyasa classes are creatively sequenced and encourage the student to explore the body and mind beyond linear confinements, whilst her Restorative flow focuses on deep healing


Meg Willett

Meg has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. She was first introduced to yoga through prenatal classes and started Astanga when her children were small. She has been practicing daily with Hamish Hendry at Astanga Yoga London for over 10 years, and learnt to teach by assisting him and his team since 2012. She visited the source of Astanga, KPJAYI in Mysore in 2016 to study with Sharath Jois, and plans to return on a regular basis to deepen her knowledge on the practice.

Meg loves to share what she has learned from her own practice and experience, whilst following the traditional sequence. Her approach is kind, supportive and inclusive.


lauren Perry

Lauren’s classes focus on combining a variety of exercises with the correct breathing, alignment and stretching to lengthen, strengthen and tone the body.

These classes would be suitable for mixed abilities, any ages, recovering injuries or anyone looking to increase core strength and flexibility. Lauren is also qualified in pre and post natal pregnancy Pilates.

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lucie norris

Lucie’s vision of yoga is to focus on the bodies alignment and strength whilst keeping a softness in the breath and calmness in the mind.

Her classes are slow and and easeful using small movements to warm up and prepare the body for greater expansion. Incorporating breath (pranayama) and Bandha work these classes will leave you feeling calm & revitalised.


clare waters

Spacious, free and slow, Clare’s classes are an opportunity to carve out a deeper connection to your body and the moment through an exploration movement and stillness. You can expect to move through creative sequences that go beyond the lines of traditional yoga poses and pockets of free movement to tap into more intuitive ways of moving. 

Clare is a trained restorative yoga teacher and a big advocate of supported rest. Her flow classes often incorporate a dose of restorative yoga to cultivate a sense of grounding and calm


Beewan Athwal

Beewan was first introduced to meditation, chanting and pranayama by family members when she was a child, gradually this led to asana practice.  Her physical practice now consists of mysore ashtanga as well as gentle hatha.  Beewan finds yoga is a great stabilising practice around her busy job in post production and her role as a mother. 

In 2017 she completed the British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance accredited 390hr Triyoga teacher training diploma. In addition to this, she has been assisting and learning from her yoga teacher Louise Grime for the last 3 years. 

Her classes focus on breath awareness, alignment and allow for moments of stillness. She welcomes everyone from beginners to more experienced practitioners.

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Lee Willocks

Originally trained in a classical form of Hatha yoga, Lee's teaching style is inspired by a variety of traditions ranging from Yin to Vinyasa.

Endlessly curious about the realm of body and movement, Lee continues to expand her yoga practice through traditional avenues as well as exploration of somatics and east Asian energetic practices. She distills key principles of alignment, awareness, and attention to create a style that is at once mindful and dynamic. 

She believes strongly in a practice that is attuned to the needs of the individual and which emphasises intention over achievement.  Lee also teaches Restorative Yoga and is a Shiatsu therapist.