What class is best for a total beginner?

Beginners are welcome to practise in the specific beginner level classes, but may also enjoy the Hatha, Mindful Flow or even regular “Flow” sessions. It all depends of fitness levels and general goals. All teachers offer modifications & cues to make the practise accessible to all, but a “Dynamic Flow” or “Ashtanga” class requires a moderate level of fitness & an understanding of the basic poses is an advantage.

If ever you’re unsure, drop us a line at: hello@bindyoga.co.uk

what if i don’t want to be touched in a class?

Bind uses permission cards which you can use to highlight subtly to the teacher whether, or not, you would like a hands-on assist. Just grab one in the studio & place on your mat. We understand that not everyone is always comfortable with being adjusted in class, and if the teacher feels the pose needs to be refined, more verbal cues will be offered.

I have a pass/Intro Offer but when I try to make a booking its asking for payment?

All passes and offers work from the first class booked so if you choose to attend an earlier class the pass won’t be recognised. In order to use your passes you’ll need to cancel all bookings & start again from the earliest date you’d like to practise. Then you can book classes in any order.


what do i need to bring?

Just yourself, and some comfortable clothes that you can move in. Possibly some water for after class, though this is also provided.

is there space to change?

Yes! We have a changing area at the back of the studio, but no showers.

what if i’m running late?

To respect the others in class we lock the doors once the sessions have started. If you arrive and the door is locked entry will not be permitted. No refunds for this session will be given- please see our Terms & Conditions for more details.

How do I cancel a class?

On the MindBody app, go to “My schedule” in the bottom bar, select the upcoming class you’re unable to make & click cancel

Why is my pass or offer showing complete or expired when I haven’t been to all the classes?

If classes aren’t cancelled within the cancellation window it will still be deducted from the pass. No shows also count towards the block.

Intro offers start from the first class booked and if not cancelled, or the session isn’t attended, the offer still starts.

We strongly recommend that you attend all classes booked or cancel your space in order to make the most of your purchases.