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vinyasa flow

A dynamic style of yoga where movements flow with the breath. Each class will build strength, balance and flexibility through the body with options & modifications offered for all levels.

The practise changes with each teacher allowing you to experience something new & fun each time you step on the mat.


A dynamic style of yoga, founded by Sri K Pattabhi Jois, where teachers lead students through a set sequence of postures based on the primary series.  

The synchronised breath count & flowing movement builds an internal heat designed to purify the body.  For those who like to track their progress, this is a great class to try.


A perfect compliment to a more dynamic practise.  Yin is a powerful & challenging style of yoga that focuses beyond the muscles and into the connective tissues.  Poses are held for longer periods to allow the body & mind to release tension & find greater ease. 

You can expect strong stretches and deep relaxation in these classes.

yang to yin

An extended class that starts with dynamic, flowing movement designed to help calm the body, before moving into greater stillness & settling the mind.  

Suitable for all levels and allows for greater reflection and relaxation.

mindful flow

Yoga as a moving meditation. The creativity of a Vinyasa class but with a slower pace & greater time taken to find the pose within your body. 

These classes are a great way to build up strength in the body alongside flexibility. Suitable for all levels of practitioner.

beginner focus

Whether you’re brand new to the mat or an established practitioner these classes are well balanced and suitable for all.  Classes start with a series of gentle sequences that focus on technique before building up to a more dynamic flow & restful close.

flow to restore

A blended class that starts with a heat-building, dynamic flow before slowing down to a gentle, restorative pace.

Modifications are offered to all poses & this class is suitable for all levels.


The original asana practise integrating breath, body & mind.  These classes are at a relaxed pace and emphasise proper alignment and breath while entering, holding and leaving the posture.

A fantastic way to slow down, develop your practise and integrate the physical and mental benefits of yoga.


A system of exercise that improves strength, flexibility and posture.  With a strong focus on building core strength to support and rebalance the body as a whole, expect controlled and precise movements.

Pilates is especially good for those who suffer from back problems, or those overcoming an injury.  It is also a great compliment to a regular yoga practise. 

Classes are suitable for all levels.

Prana Vinyasa Flow

A fully embodied practise created by Shiva Rea. Great emphasis is placed on the breath & alignment, bringing balance into the body and mind.

Prana Vinyasa is a strong but nourishing practice which will make you feel revitalised, balanced and regenerated. Suitable for all levels.

community FLOW

The class will be an accessible and spacious flow suitable for all levels of experience & open to everyone.

Expect to explore creative movements as well as traditional yoga poses & to move your body in all different ways.

All proceeds from this class will support the studio’s chosen local charity, details of which can be found in studio.

Morning Yin

The deep stretching & release of a regular Yin class but done a little more dynamically.

Yin is best practised in the morning before the muscles are warm & these classes will provide a deep whole body yawn as you wake & prepare for your day. Expect strong stretches with more dynamic movement to link and rebound between poses.

Classes will end with gentle salutations to leave you feeling revived.

mandala vinyasa flow

A creative and playful vinyasa practise that flows 360 degrees around the mat.  Sequences are designed to honour a specific element or chakra allowing for a full spectrum class.

You can expect strong poses, rhythmic flow & a challenge to both body and mind!

Suitable for all levels but a basic level of fitness is required.

Kids Yoga

Designed for children aged 5-8 years these fun sessions will develop your child’s confidence, motor skills and sense of self.

Through playful games, partner work & gentle breathing exercises children will develop tools to help them navigate stressful times and difficult emotions.

Classes are 45min and parents are encouraged to leave the child during the session.

Beginner Ashtanga

A guided class offering an introduction into Ashtanga yoga.

This class will breakdown the sequence teaching correct alignment and breath but at a slower pace to make it accessible for all.

A great way to develop your practise & try this powerful style of yoga.

slow flow & nidra

These sessions are designed to promote whole body & mind wellbeing.

Classes start with gentle flowing movement that leads into Yoga Nidra- a “yogic sleep” of guided relaxation.

Through the practise of body scanning & breath awareness the body mind can enter a deeper state of relaxation, calming the nervous system and allowing a greater feeling of ease.